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Students are the pivotal strength of a nation .They possess a massive power to build a progressive society. Their participation towards a sustainable development is indispensable one. To promote their status in education, government takes all the necessary initiatives through welfare schemes to provide a prosperous career.One among them is scholarship scheme to the students. It is offered to all the communities which stands as a great educational support during their course of study. It is true that many students who opt to study in government colleges come from a lower soc-economic background. For those stakeholders, it is highly beneficial to continue their studies without a break. It is availed by them in every academic year and the eligible sanctioned amount is credited in  their personal bank accounts. It is, indeed, a big  boon to the students community.


Bridge course for the first year UG students of our college has been conducted for the past two years. Newly admitted students get themselves exposed to variegated arena which foreshadows the crux of college life. The course conducted from 2015-2016, comprises salient topics that act as a threshold for the freshers to get knowledge on the chosen fields.

Each department takes the responsibility of conducting bridge course classes for its students on the topics such as

Psychological Counseling  Manners and Behaviors  Orientation,

How to Use Technology?

Importance of Co and Extra-Curricular Activities,

Job Opportunities,


Health and Hygiene,

First Aid, Diet and Nutrition,

Globalization ,

Aesthetic Appreciation ,Interpersonal Interaction Talent Search, and

Social Commitment and Social Consciousness.

English department handles a couple of hours to other major students to reinforce the importance of communication skills. After being introduced to ten hours of bridge course, students can start and synchronize with collegiate life with jubilant spirit.


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