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Department of Chemistry

Dr. M. Lakshmi, , M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D., HOD


The Inaugural function of the Chemistry Association was conducted on 28.09.2015 .
Dr.V.RAJ, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry , Periyar University Salem, delivered his special address on that occasion and has given a special lecture on the topic “CHEMISTRY IN CARRIER LIFE”


Faculty development program was conducted in the Department of Chemistry on 10.08.2015. Professor Indrani, Rtd. Professor, Salem-8 Arts college, has given a special lecture on “PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES IN CHEMISTRY”


One day seminar cum workshop on “UPDATION OF LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN CHEMISTRY” was organized in the Department of Chemistry on 12.08.2015. Dr. NAGOOR MERON, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Vivekanandha e college of Arts and Science, Tiruchengode, has delivered a special lecture on the ‘Advances in spectroscopic techniques in Chemistry’.

List of Staff Members

Name of the Staff Date Of Appointment Date Of Joining In That College Qualification Date Of Retirement Community
Dr. M. LAKSHIMI 09.07.2009 09.07.2009 M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., 31.05.2034 MBC
Dr. S. JAYANTHI 27/07/2015 27/07/2015 M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., 31.08.2038 MBC
Dr.P. NEERAJA 04.08.2015 04.08.2015 M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., 31.08.2031 BC





Shimadazu Electronic weighing balance (UGC-xi plan-2008-2009) 01 Vaccum Pump 01
Commercial balance (UGC-xi plan-2013-2014) 02 Hot plate (UGC-xi plan-2010-2011) 05
Digital conductivity meter (UGC-xi plan-2008-2009) 04 Microwave oven 17 lit (non-plan plan-2013-2014) 01
Digital potentiometer (UGC-xi plan-2008-2009) 05 Research Polarimeter 400mm model(UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) 01
Oven (ugc-xi plan-2010-2011) 04 Suction pump 10
Digital spectrophotometer (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) (visible) 01 Microprocessor based pH meter (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) 02
Digital spectrophotometer (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) (visible) 01 Microprocessor based pH meter (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) 01
Digital spectrophotometer (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) (uv-visible) 01 Melting point apparatus (UGC-xi plan-2010-2011) 01
Double walled water bath (UGC-xi plan-2008-2009) 02 Numeric digital balance (UGC-xi plan-2010-2011 01
Electrial bunsen burner (UGC-xi plan-2010-2011) 27 Oven (UGC-XI plan-2010-2011) 04
Cetrifuge maching(ugc-xi plan-2010-2011) 06 Digital temprature controller for hot air 01
Magnetic stirrer with hot plate (UGC-xi plan-2010-2011) 02 Filter photo colorimeter modle no mesi (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) 02
Orbital Shaker (UGC-xi plan-2010-2011) 01 Bi-quartz polarimeter (UGC-xi plan-2012-2013) 02
Heating mantle(UGC-xi plan-2010-2011) 01 Double Distilled Water Plant 01

Details of the projects completed during the last five years.

Sl.No. Title of the Project Name of Funding Agency Duration Remarks
1. Effective Removal of Toxic Chromium(VI) from effluents of metal finishing industries. Tamil nadu State Council for Higher Education, vChennai 1 year Finished (2010-11)
2. Eco-Friendly selective Protection and deprotection of Carbonyl Compounds. Tamil nadu State Council for Higher Education, Chennai 1 year Finished (2010-11)
3. The Role of Heterocclic Oximes and Biomaterials on Carcinogenic Cr(VI)Reduction to Environmentally benin Cr(III)- A Kinetic and Mechanistic Investigation. Tamil nadu State Council for Higher Education, Chennai 1 and 1/2year Finished (2013-14)

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