INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL - IQAC                                     


Dr. K. Suguna, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,   - Principal

DIRECTOR / CO - ORDINATOR - Dr. L. Jothi - Assistant Professor of Physics

About IQAC:




Staff Members: All the Head of the Department of Following Departments:

Dr. D. BARATHI Department of  Physics
Mrs. V. EMIMAL NAVAJOTHI Department of  Mathematics
Dr. G. SHARMILA BANU Department of  Zoology
Mrs. R.P. BUVANESWARI Department of  Economics
Dr. R. SUJATHA Department of  Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr. V. MUTHUMANI Department of  Microbiology
Dr. S. SELVI Department of  Mathematics
Dr. M.LAKSHMI Department of  Chemistry
Dr. S. LATHA Department of  English
Dr. P. ANANTHANAYAKI Department of  Tamil
Dr. R. PADMAVATHI Department of  History
Dr. S. SUBADRA Department of Commerce
Dr. R. BHUVANESWARI Department of  Zoology
Mrs. R. CHITRADEVI Department of  Physics
Mrs. K. KARKUZHALI Department of Computer Science
Administrative Official Members
Mr. G. JAYAKUMAR - Bursar
Mrs. S. SASIKALA - Assistant
Prof. N.C. Chandrasekaran - Retd. Principal

Mrs. K.RANI - Ponni Gas Agencies, Namakkal

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